About Me

I shoot people, places, and things, and teach others to do the same. 

Madly in love with my wife, my kids, my God and Italy. 

My Work

I specialize in weddings and people photography, as well as travel.

 I conduct workshops in Tuscany, Italy and other parts of the world. 


Based in Pisa, Italy with a satellite location in San Francisco, I am available for assignments worldwide, as well as online instruction. 


USA 1.800.29PHOTO

Italy +39 333 443 7286

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Privacy Policy
Maintaining customer privacy and protecting the confidentiality of your personal and financial data

 is always a top priority.

No client information is ever shared with any 3rd parties. Email addresses are maintained only for your receipts, followup contact and minimal marketing for upcoming workshops and photography specials, and permission is normally requested when obtaining your email address. Currently, ALL credit card processing is only done via a secure iPhone Application, and once keyed or swiped into the application, no credit card numbers or information is saved other than the last 4 numbers and card type for transaction identification only. IF credit card numbers are written down (this is rare), the document used is securely destroyed once the card is processed. ALL credit card transactions are processed through our California location in U.S. Dollars. Foreign cards may incur additional charges through your credit card company. Please check with your credit card company for any possible extra fees. However, we also accept transactions through Paypal in both euros and U.S. dollars.

If you have any concerns, please email me or call me at the above numbers. 

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